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Agriturismo Magna Grecia

Agriturismo Magna Grecia with more than 2.000 olive groves and a further 1.500 new olive trees being planted within the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) area of Olympia thus ensuring the quality and authenticity of the products.

Be immersed in the lush natural surroundings of the famous region of Olympia! The region within a short distance of the renowned Alfeios river with it’s fertitle terrain and microclimate is ideal for agriculture. In particular for growing specific varieties of olives such as Koroneiki, Kalamata and other local assortments as well as healthy aromatic grapes. Also prominent for its cultivation and export of raisins in past times.

The Karabelas family estate is known for producing olive oil, olives, wines and much more. Focusing on small scale farming they pride themselves in maintaining and continuing great agricultural traditions. Traditions which have never been abandoned by Dimitri and his wife Franca who on returning to Greece in 1985 continued to cherish and nourish their agricultural heritage by maintaining cultivation while establishing two art galleries in the area.

Maintaining the same passion and love their children Alexis and Francesco after finishing their studies have continued the agricultural family tradition which dates back 4 generations. Focusing with great effort to develop and update alternative ways in the production of high quality organic products.