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Langadia, Dimitsana, Stemnitsa & Vytina

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Langadia, Dimitsana, Stemnitsa & Vytina

We will pick you up from your hotel in Olympia.
The beautiful trip takes 50 minutes drive and 30 minutes stay in Langadia.

In Langadia there are built houses which are built in an incredible position of the mountainside over several hundred meters of altitude.

There you can see the typical Greek country life, have a little coffee break and take lots of pictures.

Then we continue with the beautiful trip in Dimitsana.
Dimitsana is only 20 minutes drive from Langadia and the stay time in Dimitsana is 2 hour.

Dimitsana is an enjoyable medieval village which is built amphitheatrically in an altitude of 950m, on the top of two hills where begins the gorge of Lousios. This small area played a very important role during the Greek struggle for independence against the Turkish rule.
During the Greek revolution in the village were hosted many gunpowder factories.
Nowadays, Dimitsana is a calm village but on weekends many visitors come to its springs and mountains for incredible experiences of hiking and walking. Surrounded by a rugged mountain landscape, renowned for its imposing stone and settlement of Dimitsana holds the reigns of tourism in Arcadia. Wonderful villas and stone-built mansions, cafes with a romantic atmosphere, pastries with the local spoon sweets and taverns which serve traditional Greek recipes. All these make an ideal backdrop for unforgettable holidays. It is recommended to visit some interesting sights in the area such as the Lousios Gorge, the local library, the monasteries of Prodromos and Philosopher and the Museum of Water Power.

Then we continue with the beautiful trip in Stemnitsa.
Stemnitsa is only 15 minutes drive from Dimitsana and the stay time in Stemnitsa is 30 minutes.

The Stemnitsa is a majestically perched village on the edge of a gorge with its beautiful stone-built mansions and the unique alleys, warm and inviting. It is the best example of the traditional Arcadian settlement. It’s central square which is full of life, welcomes every guest in the warm cafes and traditional bakeries while the charming taverns offering unique local flavors and traditional dishes.
The restored mansions of stone now will offer you a dream vacation full of images and experiences. In addition, Stemnitsa was known in earlier centuries as a bell founder.

Then we continue with the beautiful trip in Vytina.
Vytina is only 30 minutes drive from Stemnitsa and the stay time in Vytina is 1 hour.

Vytina is the most vivid and well-developed village of Menalon Mountain and while being one of the most popular bases for skiing in winter or excursions in the prefecture of Arcadia.

In the streets of the village you will see dominated homes of local black marble and around the square you will find restaurants, cafes-bars and different shops selling wood carvings and local products (mainly cheese and homemade pasta).

One of the most popular spots for strolling is the romantic street of love, between the rows of trees.

Return trip is about 50 minutes.